Hey there! My name is Esha.

While other people try to look for the shortest, most direct flight to their destination, I look for the one with the most stops and longest layovers. WHY ON EARTH? Glad you asked. It’s so I can get a little taste of a new place, and let’s face it – those flights are usually the cheapest. And those are the two things I love – seeing new places and saving money (voila!). This is my way of squeezing in a mini-vacation on the way to my destination. I only get 2 weeks of vacation from work per year (grr) and I want to see the world;  you do the math. The odds are clearly against me so I’ve had to get creative with my travelling. While it’s impossible to see everything in such a short span of time, you’ll be surprised how much you can do with a planned itinerary.

I come from a small-ish town in India (and when I say small, it means about 1.3 million people). Hey, that’s small for India! Coming to the United States was life changing. Not just because of the huge temperature difference, but that was my first step towards being on my own. I always knew how different the world outside of India is, but coming to the US was when I realized how badly I wanted to see all of the differences the world has to offer – the cultures, the customs, the landscapes, the list goes on! Now I live in Upstate New York permanently with my wonderful husband – who has become my travel partner, and a very handsome cat – Bean. Yes! Mr. Bean! Aww.

The blog name – that’s a whole other story. I bought my current, bright-pink suitcase because that was the only one on clearance. Shocker! No one wants to buy a bright pink suitcase. But hey, I love my deals, and I love pink so I bought it. And oh the stares that have come with it. Who knew a suitcase could be such a good conversation starter. The best conversations come when my husband hauls it around – I’ll let your imagination flow.

I certainly don’t travel as much as my fellow travel bloggers. My blog was born as a way to share my experiences of how I manage to keep my dream alive while working full-time (thanks to long weekends), and how I travel on a budget. Along the way, I hope I can inspire people to travel more, and help them plan their trips. I am so thankful to all the bloggers out there who helped me do the same, and this is my way of paying it forward. I am a frugal traveler so my posts will emphasize how to get most out of your trip on a budget – while planning or while on the road.

If this interests you at all, follow along 🙂